SIOP 2020 Virtual Conference Sessions

05/22/2020 5:00 PM | Anonymous

Hello PTCMW Members and friends.

As previously communicated, we are supporting PTCMW members presenting at The SIOP 2020 Virtual Conference. Please reference the list below for session information and we encourage you register (link) if you have not done so already. Please email the PTCMW president ( if you are presenting and would like to share session information with the PTCMW community.

Session: 2020 EEOC/OFCCP Practitioner Update: Things Old, New, Borrowed, or Blue

Joanna Colosimo, DCI Consulting

Julia Bayless, APT Metrics

Michelle Duncan, Jackson Lewis

Mike Aamodt, DCI Consulting

Session: A Tale of Two Pay Gaps: An All-Female Expert Pay Equity Panel

Elizabeth Bradley, Fortney Scott

Joanna Colosimo, DCI Consulting

Lisa Harpe, DCI Consulting

Katie Mantoan, Orrick

Symposium: AI as an Ally: Improving Reactions to Artificial Intelligence

Johnathan Manuel F. Gonzalez, Baruch College & The Graduate Center, CUNY

Weiwei Liu, Florida Institute of Technology & Aon's Assessemnt Solutions

Lei Shirase, University of Missouri - St. Louis & Aon's Assessment Solutions

David L. Tomczak, The George Washington University & Aon's Assessment Solutions

Carmen E. Lobbe, Aon's Assessment Solutions

Richard Justenhoven, Aon's Assessment Solutions

Oke Brandt, Aon's Assessment Solutions

Nico Tschope, Aon's Assessment Solutions

Nicholas R. Martin, Aon's Assessment Solutions

Achim Preuss, Aon's Assessment Solutions

Session: Debating Value Conflicts Associated with Ethical Dilemmas in I-O Psychology

Johnathan Nelson, Morehead State University

Chandra S. Sanders, University of Oklahoma

Deirdre J. Knapp, HumRRO

Amy Dawgert Grubb, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Thomas S. Skiba, Humu

Session: I-Os as Influencers: Working through SIOP and Local I-O Groups to Make an Impact

Lorin Mueller, Federation of State Boards if Physical Therapy

Deirdre Knapp, HumRRO

Seth A. Kaplan, George Mason University

Session: Political ideas in global workplaces: Role of I-O in politically-charged environments

Christopher T. Rotolo, PepsiCo

Matthijs Bal, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Dana H. Born, Harvard Kennedy School

Kira Foley, George Washington University

M. Gloria Gonzalez-Morales, University of Guelph

Kristen L. Swigart, Pennsylvania State University

Sara P. Weiner, Independent and Glint

Session: Revising the APA Ethics Code to Better Fit the Roles of I-O Psychologists

Deirdre J. Knapp, HumRRO

Gabriel Blackman, Purdue University Global

Li Lin, PepsiCo

Session: SIOP and APA: The Road Ahead is Paved with Collaborative Opportunities

Patrick Gavan O’Shea, HumRRO

Deirdre Knapp, HumRRO

Jeff McHenry, Rainier Leadership Solutions

Fred Oswald, Rice University

Sara Weiner, Independent and Glint

Session: The impact of ethical leadership depends on climate strength

Kira O. Foley, George Washington University

Evan R. Hughes, Catholic University

Jessica M. Badger Darrow, U.S. Army Research Institute

Poster Presentation: An Instrument for Measuring Electronic Performance Monitoring Practices

David L. Tomczak, The George Washington University & Aon's Assessment Solutions

Sarah Zarsky, George Mason University

Peter J. Mancarella, The George Washington University

Tara S. Behrend, The George Washington University

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