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  • December 2019 Meeting/Webcast: Presentation by Gary W. Carter, Ph.D. and Jerry W. Hedge, Ph.D.

December 2019 Meeting/Webcast: Presentation by Gary W. Carter, Ph.D. and Jerry W. Hedge, Ph.D.

  • 12/11/2019
  • 4:15 PM - 6:00 PM
  • McCormick & Schmick's Crystal City


Thriving in a Changing World of Work: A Career Pathways Perspective

Gary W. Carter, Ph.D. (PDRI an SHL Company) and Jerry W. Hedge, Ph.D. (RTI International)


  • Food and wine included on-site.
  • Email questions for the presenters to vp.ptcmw@gmail.com by 12pm ET the day before.
Location: McCormick & Schmick's Crystal City
  • Crystal City Shops, 2010 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202
  • Metro Access and Parking Available


There have been extraordinary changes in jobs and careers in recent years driven by rapid technological change and globalization of the economy. These changes have resulted in fundamental transformations in the skills needed to thrive in the workplace; the pace of change in skill requirements and tasks performed on jobs; how tasks are configured into jobs; how, where, when and by whom work is accomplished; and in how and through what organizational contexts services are procured. Put simply, these changes have profoundly affected careers throughout the world, with frequent job transitions and tens of millions of gig workers.

In this session, Drs. Gary Carter and Jerry Hedge, editors of the forthcoming book Career Pathways: From School to Retirement (Hedge & Carter, Oxford University Press) will discuss the implications of these changes for how individuals manage their careers and how organizations manage the development and deployment of their workforces. Their presentation will include a perspective on how a career pathways approach can help both individuals and organizations thrive in today’s world.

Speaker Bio: 

Gary W. Carter, Ph.D., is the Chief Professional Services Officer of PDRI an SHL Company. His areas of expertise include assessment and selection, career path development, performance management, competency modeling, and job analysis. He has worked with a number of organizations to develop career path resources, was the lead author of Career Paths: Charting Courses to Success for Organizations and Their Employees (Carter, Cook, & Dorsey, 2009) and is co-editor of the forthcoming book Career Pathways: From School to Retirement. Dr. Carter is a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Jerry W. Hedge, Ph.D., is a senior program director of workforce and organizational effectiveness at RTI International. Recent areas of interest include knowledge and technology program implementation and evaluation; career development and management; and work and aging issues. Dr. Hedge has published extensively, including books on The Aging Workforce: Realities, Myths, and Implications for Organizations (2006), the Oxford Handbook of Work and Aging (2012), and the forthcoming Career Pathways: From School to Retirement. He is a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the American Psychological Association.

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