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  • March 2013 Workshop: Bill Macey & Sarah Johnson, CEB

March 2013 Workshop: Bill Macey & Sarah Johnson, CEB

  • 03/13/2013
  • 8:30 AM - 11:30 PM
  • GMU Arlington Campus, Founder's Hall, Room 126


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Title: Trends in employee engagement survey research.

Presenter: Bill Macey & Sarah Johnson of CEB
Online registrations by 5pm ET the day before; Buffet breakfast included on-site.

  • GMU Arlington Campus, Founder's Hall, Room 126
  • 3351 N Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22201 (map)
  • Metro Access and Parking Available
Abstract: The status of Employee Engagement has long since moved from item of curiosity to staple of the executive vocabulary.    Yet, concerns remain as some have found engagement strategies to be difficult to execute, particularly as recent trends suggest that employees can give no more in an era of ever increasing expectations for their effort and productivity.  In this workshop, the presenters will address these concerns, and walk through how engagement is conceptualized by both practitioners and scholars and the implications of those differences for applied work.  Particular attention will be given to the drivers of engagement and how engagement survey findings should be interpreted at different levels of analysis including the individual, unit, and organizational levels.  Engagement will be discussed in the context of organizational strategy and how climates for and of engagement are related to competitive advantage.

Speaker Bio: Bill Macey is with the Global Research Office at CEB where he heads the talent analytics team.  He previously served as General Manager of CEB Valtera following the merger of Valtera with CLC Genesee in February 2012. Bill is a Fellow of SIOP, APA, and APS. He was SIOP’s President in 2001-2002. He is a current member of the editorial board of the Journal of Business and Psychology and a past member of the editorial board of Personnel Psychology. He received his PhD from Loyola University Chicago in 1975. His current research and practice interests include employee engagement, culture, the employee value proposition (EVP), and applications of discrete choice modeling to workforce modeling. Some of his more recent publications include the 2012 Annual Review chapter on Organizational Climate and Culture (Schneider, Ehrhart & Macey, 2012), “The Meaning of Employee Engagement” (Macey & Schneider, 2008); “Employee Engagement: Tools for Analysis, Practice, and Competitive Advantage” (Macey, Schneider, Barbera & Young, 2009); the and “Organizational Service Climate Drivers of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and Financial and Market Performance” (Schneider, Macey, Lee & Young), which was named the best article in the Journal of Service Research for 2009.
Sarah Johnson is the global Practice Leader at CEB Valtera.  In addition to more than eight years of experience as an external consultant advising leading global companies on employee engagement and employee survey programs, Sarah has nearly 20 years of experience managing global survey programs at major corporations including Eastman Kodak, IBM, and Procter & Gamble. She has served on the board of the Mayflower Group, a survey consortium of Fortune 200 companies, and was the cofounder and first chairperson of the Information Technology Survey Group, an employee survey consortium of leading technology companies.   As a consultant, Sarah has lead many large scale survey projects including Comcast, GE, Procter & Gamble, Schneider Electric, Staples, Amazon.com and Xerox Corporation.  Sarah has written and presented many papers, workshops and book chapters in the area of employee engagement and survey research. She received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Purdue University, and holds an MA and PhD in industrial/organizational psychology from The Ohio State University.

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