CODAPAR Call for Nominations

01/24/2019 11:26 AM | Anonymous

The Committee on Division/APA Relations is pleased to announce its call for nominations for three-year terms, starting January 1, 2020.  Two positions are available.


Each division is invited to submit one nomination for two January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022 positions. Nominees should be past division executive officers or active division leaders with significant governance experience, including committee and task force chairs. The committee is always open to early career psychologist candidates who meet the criteria. 


The mission and composition of the Committee on Division/APA Relations is described in Association Rule 90-6:

     There shall be a Committee on Division/APA Relations (CODAPAR) which shall be generally concerned with the mutual involvement of divisions and APA in fostering psychology as a science, as a profession, and as a means of promoting human welfare and shall: (1) serve an advisory function to the Division Services Office and Chief Executive Officer on the mutual implication and impact of activities of APA and divisions: (2) provide leadership to facilitate coordination and communication among divisions and between divisions and APA; (3) make proposals to enhance structural, functional, and policy relations between APA and divisions; (4) plan and host the Division Leadership Conference; (5) provide leadership in developing training programs for division officers at the Division Leadership Conference, the APA annual meeting, or other such forums, to enhance the functioning and benefits offered by divisions and the diversity of the Association's members; and (6) act as a facilitator in resolution of disputes among divisions.

     CODAPAR shall consist of six members, each serving a three year term, and shall report to Council through the Board of Directors. At least one member of CODAPAR shall be an early career psychologist. Two new members of CODAPAR will be appointed annually. Nominations will be solicited from divisions, with each division invited to submit a nominee for CODAPAR. Eligible nominees are APA members who are or have been divisional officers, board members or have had significant governance experience within or across divisions. Upon receipt of division nominations, CODAPAR will submit to the Board of Directors a listing of nominees along with its recommendation for achieving balance in representation of the broad interests of divisions as designated in defined slates. An additional goal shall be to achieve diversity among CODAPAR members by striving to obtain gender balance and at least one member from underrepresented groups. The Board of Directors will appoint two new members annually from the slates submitted by CODAPAR.


Please acquaint your nominee with the time commitment associated with service on CODAPAR.  In recent years, CODAPAR has met in-person at least twice per year, and has undertaken other committee business through electronic meetings. The first in-person meeting takes place immediately before the Division Leadership Conference in January, and then CODAPAR members participate in the entire conference as presenters and facilitators.  The second meeting is held in conjunction with the Spring Consolidated Meetings.  CODAPAR sometimes meets at the APA Annual Convention (although this is not required). A fourth meeting was typically held in conjunction with the Fall Consolidated Meetings of APA committees, but in 2018 this work was managed through several electronic meetings held throughout fall. In addition, the committee will, on an ongoing basis, work virtually to handle projects related to its mission. 


In keeping with APA’s implementation of electronic meetings for some meetings formerly held in-person, committee members should expect the following:


  1. Participate in at least two in-person meetings each year.
  2. Participate in at least one 60 minute virtual meeting each month (via Skype, conference call and/or another virtual meeting technology). This requires access to a computer with a modern web browser. Additionally, access to a computer with a webcam is preferred.
  3. Respond to email correspondence between in-person and virtual meetings.


The APA Board of Directors appoints members to CODAPAR based on the slates recommended by the current committee.  CODAPAR makes every effort to select slates that reflect the full range of divisional interests and seeks nominations that will ensure representation of all divisions.  CODAPAR pays considerable attention to nominations that will ensure diverse representation on the Committee, including gender, sexual orientation, ethnic, racial and cultural minority status. 


Divisions submitting a nomination should state the nominee’s particular qualifications and interest in the position on the Nomination Form and include a vita for your nominee.  Nominations are due to CODAPAR Staff Liaison, Christine Tipton, no later than March 15, 2019.

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