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The PTCMW Community and its members seek to advance the science and practice of I/O psychology and related fields through high-value professional growth and networking opportunities. Connecting with other I/O Psychologists, sharing the latest research and applied approaches, and growing as a professional are what members expect of PTCMW.

With over 300 professional and student members and a steady stream of new ways to connect, share, and grow, PTCMW membership continues to expand across local, regional, and national markets. Members include industrial/organizational psychologists, attorneys, statisticians, human resources professionals, and EEO specialists from government, business, consulting, and academia.

Established in 1977

Stephen E. Bemis, former Chief Psychologist for the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs in the U.S. Department of Labor and later an I/O consultant, was the driving force behind the creation of PTCMW in March 1977. In his travels, Steve became familiar with the Personnel Testing Council of Southern California (PTC/SC) and thought that a similar organization was much needed in the DC area.

With encouragement from PTC/SC, Steve assembled a group of interested DC area colleagues to create a similar but independent organization to PTC/SC. With technical assistance from Anita Ford, Pat Pfeiffer, Ed Hane, and others at PTC/SC, the PTCMW organizing committee appointed interim officers, drafted bylaws, compiled a mailing list, sent membership invitations, and scheduled PTCMW's first official event, a dinner meeting, at the Hotel Washington in April 1977. PTCMW has been growing and improving ever since.

The members of the PTCMW organizing committee (March 1977) included:

1. Stephen E. Bemis (Chair).

2. Sally Jones Brauer.

3. Peggy Goulding, Ph.D.

4. Preston Horstman, Ph.D.

5. Jean D. Linehan.

6. Charles Martin.

7. Francia Morhardt.

8. William B. Owen, Ph.D.

9. Donald J. Schwartz, Ph.D.

10. Lance W. Seberhagen, Ph.D.

11. Merrie C. Shager, J.D.

12. Dee A. Soder, Ph.D.

After serving as PTCMW's interim President, Steve Bemis was elected by the full membership to become PTCMW's first elected President for 1977-1978. Steve continued to provide wisdom and leadership to PTCMW after his presidency until a tragic accident took his life in 1985.

Past PTCMW Presidents

Year President
 2017Jim Kurtessis, A.B.D.
 2016  Matthew Fleisher, Ph.D.
 2015  Gonzalo Ferro, Ph.D.
2014 Alex Alonso, Ph.D.
2013 Dan Putka, Ph.D.
2012 Rose Hanson, Ph.D.
2011 David Hamill, Ph.D.
2010 Eric Dunleavy, Ph.D.
2009 Rich Cober, Ph.D.
2008 Martha Hennen, Ph.D.
2007 Cassi Fields, Ph.D.
2006 Ted Hayes, Ph.D.
2005 Julia McElreath, Ph.D.
2004 Ellen Kollar, Ph.D.
2003 Lance Anderson, Ph.D.
2002 Suzanne Tsacoumis, Ph.D.
2001 Ann Quigley, M.A.
2000 Shane Pittman, Ph.D.
1999 Deirdre Knapp, Ph.D.
1998 Bev Dugan, Ph.D.
1997 Joyce Mattson, Ph.D.
1995-1996 Elizabeth Kolmstetter, Ph.D.
1994-1995 Wanda J. Campell, Ph.D.
1993-1994 Norman G. Peterson, Ph.D.
1992-1993 Nancy L. Robinson
1991-1992 David J. Kleinke, Ed.D.
1990-1991 Deborah L.Whetzel, Ph.D.
1989-1990 Lance W. Seberhagen, Ph.D.
1988-1989 Merri-Ann Cooper, Ph.D.
1987-1988 Illene F. Gast, Ph.D.
1986-1987 Marilyn K. Gowing, Ph.D.
1985-1986 David A. Dye, Ph.D.
1984-1985 Murray J. Mack
1983-1984 Joseph M. Hillery, Ph.D.
1982-1983 Theodore H. Rosen, Ph.D.
1981-1982 Miki C. Shager, J.D.
1980-1981 Gary G. Kaufman, Ph.D.
1979-1980 William B. Owen, Ph.D.
1978-1979 Sally A. Jones
1977-1978 Stephen E. Bemis

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