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PTCMW Message: June 5, 2020

PTCMW Members and Friends,

As we continue to confront the history of racial discrimination and inequality in our country, there is an even greater necessity to be in solidarity with those burdened and take action to break down institutionalized barriers.  With this, PTCMW stands with our Black members and the Black community at large.

Our profession affords us the opportunity to have a meaningful impact related to discrimination and inequality.  We have a responsibility as professionals, and as human beings, to continue to advance our research understanding of and improve practices that promote fair, equitable, and safe work environments for persons of color.

If you have ideas and suggestions for PTCMW activities, or research to share with the broader membership, please let us know. PTCMW seeks to provide opportunities to learn, share, and grow to improve racial equality and to stand up against racial injustices in the workplace and beyond. 

The PTCMW Executive Board

Please visit our ongoing discussion in the Blog section (http://ptcmw.org/blog/9015112) for additional resources and to share your thoughts.

Update to PTCMW Members

The PTCMW Board has been monitoring the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization's statements regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and following guidelines from those agencies, as well as local health departments.

The well-being of our members is paramount; therefore, we are postponing all upcoming events until we can be assured it is safe to continue.

The PTCMW board is looking into alternative ways to continue to provide you with educational and networking opportunities - even as we continue to practice social distancing. This is a challenging time for all of us; thank you for your patience as we navigate our path forward. 

We will provide updates as they become available. If you have any questions in the meantime, please let us know (president.ptcmw@gmail.com).

SIOP 2020 Virtual Conference Sessions by PTCMW Members

Support PTCMW members presenting at the SIOP 2020 Virtual Conference by attending the following sessions:

2020 EEOC/OFCCP Practitioner Update: Things Old, New, Borrowed, or Blue

A Tale of Two Pay Gaps: An All-Female Expert Pay Equity Panel

AI as an Ally: Improving Reactions to Artificial Intelligence

Debating Value Conflicts Associated with Ethical Dilemmas in I-O Psychology

I-Os as Influencers: Working through SIOP and Local I-O Groups to Make an Impact

Political ideas in global workplaces: Role of I-O in politically-charged environments

Revising the APA Ethics Code to Better Fit the Roles of I-O Psychologists

SIOP and APA: The Road Ahead is Paved with Collaborative Opportunities

The impact of ethical leadership depends on climate strength

See our recent announcement (SIOP 2020 Virtual Sessions) for more information about these sessions. Please email the PTCMW president (president.ptcmw@gmail.com) if you are presenting and would like to share session information with the PTCMW community.

Personnel Testing Council Metropolitan Washington

The PTCMW community and its members seek to advance the science and practice of I-O psychology and related fields through high-value professional growth and networking opportunities. Connecting with other I-O psychologists, sharing the latest research and applied approaches, and growing as a professional are what members expect of PTCMW.


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