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  • October 2013 Luncheon/Webcast: Drs. Eric Sydell & Marc Wenzel, Shaker Consulting Group

October 2013 Luncheon/Webcast: Drs. Eric Sydell & Marc Wenzel, Shaker Consulting Group

  • 10/09/2013
  • 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • GMU Arlington Campus, Founder's Hall, Room 121


Registration is closed
Title: Predicting New Hire Success: Insights and Surprises from 10 Years of Custom Simulation Development.
Presenter: Drs. Eric Sydell & Marc Wenzel, Shaker Consulting Group
Register by 5pm ET the day before. Buffet lunch included on-site. Webcast instructions emailed to webcast registrants before the event. 

  • GMU Arlington Campus, Founder's Hall, Room 121
  • 3351 N Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22201 (map)
  • Metro Access and Parking Available

Traditional psychological assessments have existed for more than 100 years, and scientists have painstakingly studied and refined them. However, the computing and Internet revolutions of the last 20 years have dramatically altered what is possible with assessments. Instead of being limited by questions that can be asked on paper and the need to secure a student sample of respondents, we now have the ability to rapidly prototype and trial any manner of creative assessment techniques with vast samples of job applicants. Moreover, rather than ask candidates what they would do in certain situations, we have the ability to place them in those virtual situations and observe what they actually do.

For over a decade, Shaker Consulting Group has implemented highly custom, Internet-based simulations called Virtual Job Tryouts (VJT). Each VJT is developed uniquely for a specific client position and is subjected to local validation followed by periodic revalidation. This results in a treasure trove of assessment research data, and in this presentation, we will share some interesting, specific, and often counterintuitive findings. We will also discuss general trends that we have seen over the years and present a vision for what the future of employment selection predictive science may look like, drawing on important recent trends, such as big data, mobile/phone assessment, social networking, and more.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Eric Sydell has over 13 years of experience working as a human resources consultant.  He has held positions with both SHL and DDI, two of the largest international human resources consulting firms.  As Vice President of Research and Innovation at Shaker Consulting Group, and one of its founding members, he works with clients to determine human resource management strategies that support business objectives. Eric’s passion is in showing the links between human characteristics and business results and in helping clients to realize the enormous extent to which people drive organizational success.  Eric has conducted human capital projects at the corporate, division, and field-operating levels for a number of Fortune 500 and mid-sized organizations, including AAA, Amerigroup Corporation, Bank of America, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., the State of Arizona, Sherwin-Williams, and Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. Eric received his Ph.D. and M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Akron, and his B.A. in Psychology from James Madison University.

Marc Wenzel, Ph.D.

Dr. Marc Wenzel has over 15 years of experience in internal and external roles. While delivering targeted services, including C level coaching, Executive Assessments, and facilitating Strategic Planning sessions with leadership teams, he has contributed to the growth of three Talent Management and Assessment firms. As Vice President of Business Development at Shaker Consulting Group, Marc works to increase the recognition of the Virtual Job Tryout - the benefits of which Marc experienced as a client when he hired Shaker Consulting Group while in a former position at Key Bank. Marc has worked with a wide range of global firms on their Talent Management and Assessment initiatives including Key Bank, Target, P&G, IBM, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Accenture, Mittal Steel, and numerous government agencies and NGOs, including the USPS, World Economic Forum, and the Public Service Commission of Canada. Marc received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Loyola University and his B.A. from Miami University.

PTC/MW thanks GMU's Industrial-Organizational Psychology Student Association (IOPSA) for their continued support in organizing and hosting our monthly luncheons and workshops.


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